Revolutionary of Young Naxal – Ratha Saatchi

People today love to watch web series and watching these kinds of stuff gained popularity during the COVID-19 times. People watched various web series and online movies in the Tamil language during the pandemic period and still love to watch them today.

If you desire to watch Tamil web series or online movies, you must subscribe to relevant OTT sites. In this guide, you will learn more about one of the latest Tamil action movies, Ratha Saatchi.

Ratha Saatchi

This is one of the latest Tamil action drama movies directed by Rafiq Ismail. The cast members of this movie include Kanna Ravi, Elango Kumaravel, and Harish Kumar. If you like to watch thrilling action movies, this is one Tamil movie that you cannot afford to miss.

Rathasaatchi Review: Kanna Ravi Shines In This Heart-Wrenching Tale About Revolution

The Story

Compared to the best Tamil web series, Ratha Saatchi is one of the latest Tamil action movies that you can choose to watch on OTT sites. The story of this Tamil movie revolves around Apu, a young boy who looks to take on bad landlords and also uplift the bonded labourers. After this, he became one of the most wanted people in the region. The plot of this Tamil movie is set in the 1980s in Dharmapuri’s rugged terrains. This is a movie that will make you disturbed, and there are scenes that you may not find comfortable. 


This movie is an adaptation of a short story from a novel created by a popular author. In the past, directors like Mani Ratnam and Vetri Maaran had tried making this movie adaptation from the same story of the novel. If you like watching thrillers and action movies, this is a movie that will guarantee that you get goosebumps.

The movie’s plot is set in the 1980s, and the starting scene is that of a young mother being tossed in a scalding hot mix. The only offence she did was feeding her starved children, and you will also witness another labourer being mercilessly beaten to death. This movie has multiple gruesome scenes that people may not like watching, but the story is unique. The cinematography provided by Jagdeesh Ravi also helps capture the story’s tone.

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