Domain authority is one of the most important ranking factors that determine your site’s position on search engine results pages (SERPs).

SEO consulting firm Moz developed the Domain Authority. And it works with the Google algorithm called PageRank. A very important factor that is taken into account by Google’s algorithms in ranking websites is Domain Authority. Domain authority is numbered by MOZ from 0 to 100. Domain authority (DA) is a metric developed by MOZ, and the higher this score, the more chances you have for your site to rank higher. better in Google search engine results and attract quality traffic. Attracting quality traffic means buyers, which means increasing sales and normally and the profit made. Automatically increasing sales and profit generates a good business reputation and this means growing and consolidating the business as a whole. A domain’s authority algorithm returns values ​​on a logarithmic scale from 1 to 100, and the higher the value, the better, but increasing the value of authority is increasingly difficult to achieve. As a guide, values ​​between 0-10 signal a small authority, values ​​between 10-30 signal an average authority, values ​​between 30-40 signal a high authority, values ​​between 40-60 indicate a domain with a very good authority and values ​​between 60 -100 are the best (but almost impossible to reach) and indicate a real giant in the field!

One of the factors that is not much discussed, although it is very important in Google’s algorithms, is the age of the domain (its age). It is normal for a reserved domain today to start from authority 0 (zero) and increase over time if the website developed on this domain is well optimized. In general, the age of the domain and its authority are directly proportional, but there are some extremely difficult solutions to obtain a higher value of domain authority even if the age of the domain is low. To find out the age and Seo metrics of a domain, you can use for free various tools developed by:, smallseotools, webconfs etc.

If the site (web domain) is not constantly updated, or if it is “abandoned”, it will lose its authority over time. Your domain authority is a metric to measure SEO efforts compared to competing sites. As MOZ explains, in order to improve the score, you need to consider a general improvement related to the SEO part: the structure of the site, the user experience on the site, the links displayed on the site for faster navigation, the structure URLs, meta tags, header tags, number of words on the page, keywords, image description, etc. The SEO part and the quality content go hand in hand. Domain authority is extremely important for all areas of activity in the online environment, because in addition to the attributes that help the site to rank in the top of searches through search engines, it also gives confidence to both partners and customers.

Why is domain authority so important to your site?

First of all, a high domain authority helps your site to rank much better on the keywords in the search engine optimization process, because the algorithms according to which the domain authority indicator is assigned are a large part of the algorithms used by Google to indexing and ranking of sites in organic searches. A good domain authority will help increase  the Page Authority (PA), increases the domain rating (DR) used by Ahrefs in evaluating sites, increases the Trust Flow (TF) and Citation Flow (CF) used by Majestic (another authority in the field of Seo indicator measurements). A high domain authority means hundreds or even thousands of do-follow links to your domain from sites with very high authority, it means tens or hundreds of thousands of social signals from networks with high metric indicators, it means site saves in social networks and web browsers and all this will help you to grow enormously organically in terms of position on keywords in the search engine rankings on the internet.

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