Traffic is the most important metric to measure the performance of any website. It is very easy to track traffic to your website with the help of various web analytics tools. A good amount of traffic to any website specifies its growth; while, less traffic is a sign of the inactivity or decline of the website. It helps in planning the marketing campaigns consequently. Similarly, web analytics tools help track the repetitive, exclusive, and return visitors.

How can it help my business to grow? Web analytics is basically a process where you analyze all of your website data that is collected and processed. With the help of web analytics, we can figure out what exactly went wrong with that marketing campaign and why it did not work well as it should have, the troubles that could have been occurring in the online service your website provides and even helps in boosting the profits through advertisements.

When you are able to do these three things, your marketing becomes strategic, and you can use it for business growth. Knowing your visitors and optimizing your content for them allows you to map their entire journey through your website.

An example of a visitor journey and the user experience before website analytics could be:

  • A visitor searches for a question in Google.
  • They click on your blog post.
  • They view your post but decide it’s not for them (you know this because the average page time is low and the bounce rate is high).
  • This visitor goes back to Google and clicks the next listing.

With website analytics, this visitor journey makes better reading:

1. Visitor searches a question in Google.
2. They click on your blog post.
3. They read your content the whole way through (because you’ve optimized it based on what your analytics tell you).
4. Your visitor also opens more content you linked to in your blog post.
5. Your call-to-action gets a click.
6. An MQL is passed to the sales team.

Creating Focused and Targeted Marketing Campaigns 

A shotgun approach to marketing would be a colossal waste of money since it doesn’t work. With web analytics, you can tailor marketing campaigns and products that can effectively reach your intended audience. Analytics can provide a detailed analysis of consumer trends, which could include online purchase monitoring and point-of-sale transactions.

With these in your arsenal, you can anticipate your customer’s needs and exceed their expectations. This means that winning their loyalty to your brand won’t be difficult anymore.

Build Strategies to Gain Referrals

Web analytics can also give you the chance to identify sites that get you the most referrals. Knowing them, you can analyze what you’re doing right, perhaps give a few adjustments, and devise strategies to get even more referrals not only from them but from other sites, too.

If your analytics, for instance, show that the majority of your traffic comes from search engines, this would indicate a Strong SEO (search engine optimization). Armed with this knowledge, you’ll know which practice is effective. Building from that, you could do a few tweaks to expand your online presence and attract more traffic.

When reviewing available website analytics platforms, be sure to check the program requirements. You don’t want to choose a platform that requires technical implementation you don’t have at your disposal.

If you are looking for a simple and online solution ask your business partners or find out what your competition implemented.

When you made a final decision for your analytics platform, make sure you spend some time figuring out which key performance indicators you need to track.

A very good option is to spend some time testing and figuring out what works best for you.

By defining your key metrics, you’ll be able to spot your targeted audience and visitor deviations and implement optimized marketing efforts to improve your business and boost your profits. And always remember – implementing a website analytics platform is an investment in your business growth.

If you know which kind of content works for you, you can use it to drive genuine leads and grow your business. Only when you measure KPIs like conversion will you make a business case for marketing campaigns. Data and insights from website analytics must drive your marketing efforts if you want them to drive business growth.