Keywords – Phrases

The amount of keywords and key phrases to target is a matter of business. Some small service based businesses truly only need to target a couple of keywords, others need to target many more.

Local Citations – Directory Submissions

citations are an absolute must to rank well locally on Google. Local directories also make a good citation. However not all citations are worth having and may just be spam.

Target Cities – Towns

Your business needs to decide which towns and cities or counties that you wish to target. Think carefully about this as too large an area may not bring a ROI.

Social Shares Monthly

Share everything, everywhere. This is my philosophy and how I create my local seo plans! Every time a new article or service is added to your website it should be shared and then periodically shared again. I make sure that you get the best coverage amongst the best social networks.


Every business needs great content on their website along with images and videos. However there is a great deal of difference between an article that Google likes and one that they do not. Articles created under these packages are amazing evergreen long form content.

Blogger Outreach

A great way to promote your service or product is by being featured on other peoples blogs and websites. I have great contacts in most industries that we can work with.

Keyword Research

In depth keyword research is fundamental to SEO and therefore is taken very seriously as mistakes can cost. My methods of research are unique and effective.

Google Maps Optimisation

Google My Business on Google maps is a very good way to create a local presence but must be done correctly. If your GMB does not match your website well then it will not appear in the Snack Pack.

Content Optimisation

Content is King as they say. Having your website content optimised is one of the most important processes to complete for Local SEO. Making sure the correct code is used for headings and that titles and paragraphs relate.

Image Optimisation

Having your images optimised will fix the main issues with images for SEO. The first problem I see a lot is images that are too large and the second problem is that they do not have descriptions. Once optimised your images will start to appear in Google Image Search.

Local Schema Tags & Business Schema Markup

Making sure that your local website has appropriate schema that gives search engines more information about your business. These tags are built into the code of your website.

Competitor Analysis

Checking up on the competition is a great way to gain power over them. Finding how they create back-links and what articles and keywords they are targeting allows you to compete quickly.

Webmaster Tools Integration

Having webmaster tools setup is a must to track problems that will arise over time or with changes to the website. The local seo prices that I have set include the following setups.

  1. Google Setup & Optimisation
  2. Bing Setup & Optimisation
  3. Yahoo Setup & Optimisation
  4. Yelp Setup & Optimisation

Google Analytics Integration

To truly track the progress of your website Analytics is a must. If you already have it installed then even better, the more information we can put together the more SEO can be programmed in.

URL Optimisation

URL structure has to be SEO friendly. I optimise each page to target the correct keywords and one aspect of this optimisation is to create good readable URLs.

Sitemap Creation

Keeping your sitemap up to date is a must so that search engines can keep track of and discover new pages. I have custom software that crawls your website like GoogleBot does and will create a sitemap along the way!

Site Error Check

Making sure your website does not contain javascript errors is very important ranking factor so I make sure that these issues do not rear there ugly heads…

Social Profiles

Voice Search Optimisation

Local voice search is trending and a growth in search terms like ‘near me’ has begun. Targeting voice searchers takes another way of thinking and done well will lead to many new clients.

Page Speed Optimisation

50% of visitors will move away from your website if it takes more than 5 seconds to load! The speed of your website is one of the most important factors when it comes to ranking highly as Google does prefer a quick site.

Youtube Channel Optimisaton

If you run a YouTube Channel then you are probably missing out on the SEO benefits your channel can pass on to your website. Not only this but your Youtube videos will help to build your brand.

Review Markup

Schema Review Markup allows Google searchers to see how many reviews your business has. Showing stars on the search results is an attention grabber and leads to more conversions.

Rich Snippets

Website Security

Ensuring your website is secure (SSL) and that the website does not contain vunerabilities. There are many ways a hacker can access your website especially a WordPress Blog.

Competitor Analysis

If you want to see why your competitors rank where they do, and how they manage this, we can analyse your competitors for your primary phrases. We do this by analysing your competitors backlink profiles to look for high-quality links. 

Penalty Identification

We highlight obvious penalty issues in any audit, but if you know you have more complicated issues around your project, we can specifically identify exactly the things Google dislikes about your site. That may be thin content, for example, or unnatural links. We highlight these in our audit, and how to fix the problems. 

Large Site Review

If you have a large site with many tens of thousands of pages or products, then an audit should include what we call a “Large Site Review”. This is simply to take into account the added work and time it takes to crawl, analyse and evaluate such a website.

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