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SEO Rankings Explained

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is what we call the practice of helping websites or other online properties improve their search engine rankings on related keywords. SEO has been around as long as search engines have. However, when we talk about SEO today, most of the time we are specifically referring to the practice of helping a website rank higher on Google searches. SEO involves a great many -often obscure, trifling, nitpicky, tyrannical-things because Google weighs a series of variables to determine if your website is relevant to a search being made. They decide what is essential or not.

Ranking factors for SEO are:

  1. Keywords
  2. Location
  3. Domain Age
  4. Content.

However, by one count there is a list of over 200 variables that go into your Google rankings. 200! If you’d like an exhaustive list of them, I suggest reading this, although -please- don’t operate any heavy machinery when you do.

That’s 200 landmines that a business can trip into and blow up their rankings. Google claims that these variables help ensure quality search results.

Most, however, are just a crushing set of meaningless algorithm stuffers that cause endless frustration for businesses all over the world.

The SEO arms race is destroying online marketing.

The quest to beat Google’s algorithm has created an SEO arms race for which there are only two winners: Google, and SEO companies. Think about it for a second through this one example:

One of the main factors Google uses to increase rankings is backlinks. If my business has 10 backlinks and yours has 5, my website will rank higher than yours. (I’m over-simplifying, of course. However, follow me on this.)

So, you go out, hire an SEO company, and get more backlinks. Now, you have 15, and I have 10. You outrank me.

So what will my next move be? That’s right. Go, hire an SEO firm to get more backlinks.

Months pass, and we’ve both spent thousands of dollars on backlinks. Now I have 250, and you have 200. We’re in the exact position we started with, and our sales will not have increased noticeably as a result, I bet.

Moreover, it gets worse. Let’s say our friend opens up a business. Now he has to build hundreds of backlinks merely to begin to rank!

Because of SEO, new businesses need to spend thousands of dollars to get to the starting line. They haven’t had a chance to talk to a customer yet! This is what marketing is like in an insane asylum.

SEO has become an arms race. We build links to build links to help us rank so we can keep building links.

Marketing is not maintaining ranking. It’s expanding market share and revenue. It’s growing awareness. Fiddling with freaking backlinks doesn’t do either of these things. The bots strike back.

SEO has become so laborious and time-consuming; it has become so laughably tied into beating the algorithm, that the search engine marketing industry is now an industry primarily driven by bots.

There are extraordinarily complex pieces of software that do nothing but push keyword and spun articles to blog sites and social media platforms -all in the interest of building links and trying to trick Google.

Marketing automation is one thing, but this is just crazy. The worst part is that all of this automation makes competition harder and means that the results you see on Google are as artificial as their corporate values.

SEO is very expensive .

Search engine optimization is hella expensive, and the price is going up -not down. As Google’s dominance grows, and as dependency on it as a marketing platform grows, the cost of SEO grows with it.

Compare that with traditional advertising. If I place your ad or commercial on TV or a webpage, you will get IMMEDIATE views and IMMEDIATE brand awareness.

Yes, it can take weeks or months to get an ROI on advertising, but it starts to “work” the minute it starts to run. That is not the case with SEO.

So, we have to start to ask ourselves as marketing professionals, why are we pushing our clients into wasteful marketing spends if we can avoid it?

With all these SEO remains the best long-term option for developing an online business because if it is well made it brings long-term results unlike any other marketing technique. Seo combined with mix marketing techniques following a complex strategy, brings incredible results to any business.

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