Proof Of Our Amazing Seo Skills

We are able to present thousands of examples of business where we have done amazing things in the field of optimization of pages and marketing  services, but competition in this area is fierce and we do not want to expose our clients to the risks of being attacked with negative SEO campaigns to reduce our work .

In this case we have established that the best example of not promising what we can not do (as most of the so-called SEO experts do) is our page:
We are active in a field with huge competition and with competitors who have support from the most powerful media groups in the world.
We will briefly introduce some details about our page to understand that we are 100% serious, honest and do not use our tricks to win new customers.
We say what we do and do what we say. We are 100% trustworthy.

1. Our web page was created in September 2017.

2. We started optimizing it on October 6, 2017.

3.On November 17, already appears on the google homepage with the keyword mega seo.

4. On  December 02 appears on the first google page, on the first position in organic searches for the mega seo keyword.

5.On December 14th appears on the google homepage after another 34 keywords .

6. On January  10, 2018, we already have 22  new clients, but please do not compare  SEO niche with any other industry.

Example 1 

Our website

Example 2 :

One of our customer website :

Example 3 : 

One of our customer website :