SEO means optimizing web pages for search engines on the internet.
What does this mean? This involves dozens of independent activities both in the content of the web page and outside the web page .
The activities that take place inside the web page are about website content and , tags , meta tags , image optimization , page loading speed , and other technical factors to be easy to find and indexed by internet search engines.
Outsourcing activities are more online marketing techniques meant to bring your web page among the top in search engine results after a certain keyword.
There are thousands  of different ways to achieve both the internal optimization of the web page and the external optimization of the page.
The techniques involved are very complex and require advanced knowledge, so we will not develop the subject here .

Being on the first page of Google is important because it puts your business in front of new customers. For example, let’s say you have a brick and mortar location. If you had the choice between putting your business on the main road that goes through town, or a side street that gets almost no traffic, which one would you choose? The main road of course. Because more people who see your business means more people who can become customers or recommend it to others.
Well, Google gets 167 billion searches per month. So, getting on the first page of Google is like planting your business on the busiest road in town. A very, very large town.
One of the most important benefits of being on the first page of Google is that it earns you trust. First of all, Google is a widely used, highly trusted platform that people trust and rely on. Being on the first page of Google is like telling people that you have Google’s approval. If people trust Google, and Google approves of you, people will be more likely to trust you.
The trust that people have for the first page results of their search is more about Google than it is about your business. This is because many people don’t realize the time and effort that goes into achieving this rank. However, you do! So while people may not understand exactly why it is that being on the first page of Google makes them trust you more, you can rest assured that the trust is warranted.
There are no shortcuts to improving your rank on Google. It is a long term process of providing accurate and consistent information that facilitates a positive user experience and meets searchers’ expectations. Being on the first page of Google is important because shows that you are committed to serving your target audience’s needs and can stick with long term goals. Even if only you know that, your confidence will shine through in your service.

Organic Listings receive 90% of clicks
Though this data varies depending on branded vs. non-branded keywords, niche market, industry, and keyword competition, the average seems to come back to 90%.
This average strongly indicates that people give organic listings significant focus.

Paid Ads (Pay Per Click) receive 10% of clicks
Similarly to organic listings, this data varies from study to study, but 10% or under seems to be the average.
Compared to the organic listing, this is a staggering low number. However, it’s much easier to obtain rankings because you’re paying for placement/clicks. Your budget dictates how high and how often your listing will be shown.

Less than 10% of people advance to Page 2
This statistic blew my mind initially, but after analyzing my own behavior, it became more believable.
Page 1 placement is where 90% of Google traffic comes from. That’s pretty phenomenal if you think about the numerous pages that are returned on any given search.

The #1 organic result drives 33% of clicks
If your keyword research discovered 1,000 monthly searches for “yellow widgets” and you’ve earned #1 in Google, you can expect 1,000 visits monthly from the keyword “yellow widgets”. Right? Wrong.
Being #1 will drive traffic, but not everybody will commit to clicking. If you’re #1 for “yellow widgets”, you can expect to get 330 visits per month (33% of the clicks).

The top 3 organic results (#1, #2, #3) capture 61% of clicks
As I mentioned earlier, the first page of Google is extremely competitive. The competition only heats up as you strive to obtain top three placement.
The reason? #1, #2 and #3 is where most of the activity (aka traffic) happens. After the top 3 results, click-through rate (CTR) drops dramatically.

“If you’re not first, you’re last.”  . WELL , WE HELP YOU TO BE THE FIRST .

Unfortunately, although there are many who consider website optimization activities to be easy and simple , you can risk destroying the website irretrievably , being penalized by Google , and finally losing the money invested so far, but also precious time wasted .
Today there are tens of billions of web pages so being one of the best in this ocean of web pages is almost impossible for amateur .
Besides the huge number of web pages, you will get hit by the fact that search engines on the Internet are very often changing search and indexing algorithms of pages , so it is mandatory to keep up to date with all the news in the field .
In addition , you will be hit by strong competitors who have spending  in optimizing the pages of huge amounts of money, who work with more experienced specialists , so you , without the necessary experience and without the huge sums of money you need , have no chance in this battle.
We recommend that you call a specialist in the field, because you will save time and money and there are also great chances to get results.
But we also recommend that you check the specialist very well because there are many digital agents that do not have the minimum knowledge required in this activity . There are thousands of so-called specialists who believe that SEO is just quality content and content optimization of your page, but this does not represent 1 percent of the necessary SEO activities to get a good positioning of the website in the rankings to attract visitors and also buyers because this is the final target . True SEO involves content optimization activities , building high quality backlinks , writing and publishing articles , writing and posting comments , distributing content in the online environment , posting in forums and web portals , press releases , ads posting , social media marketing and many other specific activities.

Do you spend money, work and passion in your business ?  You have high quality products or services ?  You have competitive prices and very good after sales service ?  However, you do not have the results you have hoped for or you do not have results at all .  You’ve been looking for solutions, and yet whatever you’ve done so far , things do not seem to change . It is a shame , however, for work and money invested . The online market is growing from year to year , sales are moving into the online environment , and yet you have not managed to turn your business into a successful one . What is missing your business ? We’ll tell you . It lacks exactly what we offer . Website search engine optimization, business promotion for your products or services , high quality targeted advertising , social media marketing , posts in related forums and other marketing tips . What will these services help you , which we offer you ? First of all , by optimizing your website, it will be positioned on the front page of search engines based on certain keywords chosen by you . That’s a lot of visitors to your business . Tens of times more than your website would be ranked on the second page of Google . The other services offered are business promotion , marketing mix and social media marketing , turn your anonymous business into a well-known one , and familiarize all possible customers with the brand of your business , with your products , with the services you provide . This means that prospective customers will know where to choose , they will know the market , they will know the strengths of your offer and they will know about it . If the products or services offered are of good quality ,  if the prices are competitive , it will be safe for your business to move to a level you have never dreamed of . Our services are complete and  do not need anything else to promote and grow your business .

Yes, it’s 100% true. We, thanks to the experience gained over 10 years, since we have been working in the field of web page creation and search engine optimization.
It is true that in the past we had thousands of failures , many times we were disappointed and we wanted to let everything go , but after tens of thousands of attempts , we  succeeded . We have set a working strategy whereby all the projects we have taken since we had the 100% success rate . No error and no delay .
We have a 100% success rate and it will always be the case. It is true that we are not very well known yet, because nobody was born famous , but soon we will become the best known in this segment.
Some of those who will be our promoters, you will be the ones who appeal to our services and who give us your trust.
We guarantee you will be proud that you are our clients and partners and our services will bring you benefits that you have not even dreamed of.

No. There is none of this. We are a trustworthy company with private capital.
We can not afford to make jokes. We want to become top market leaders, so it excluded any joke or false advertising.
If we say that your business will be on Google’s first page, then it will certainly be exactly as we promise .
If we say that your business will become a success as you have not even dreamed of, then it will be exactly as we promise .
If we say that your business will have huge profits , then it will be exactly as we promise . We have a lot of experience in the field, but as a business we are at the beginning and we do not want to be mistaken and lose our credibility.
We want to achieve success in all areas, so we provide only best quality services.
Everything we promise, we do as we promised. We would not break any promise.

Yes . 100 % True . We do not overestimate our capabilities , but we can even work for any field .Whether you have a business , you are a writer, you are an artist , you are blogger , vlogger , freelancer or any . We can promote any business, in any industry whether it is a classic business , an online business ,  video tube  ,  single video , a video channel , book , songs , social profile , an album of pictures , any . We have experience in all areas because over time we have had customers in all areas of activity so we have had to develop a huge technical foundation that today helps us to overcome any obstacle and achieve magnificent results in any domain .

Yes , We can . Most SEO experts do an initial research , and if the keywords chosen by you are used by other competitors , they will recommend other keywords that can not bring the same great results you need . But we do not do that . We have both the technical knowledge and the necessary means , so we will be able to get you in the first position for the keywords you want . You will even be out of competition regardless of their age in the online environment and how much they spend on SEO and marketing . We are really the best .

Yes, we can . We have worked so far for businesses in the United Kingdom, United States of America, Germany, France, Italy, Romania, Spain, Portugal, Turkey, Switzerland and have achieved full success. for other languages that are not yet in high circulation, please provide both your business description and keywords in the language you want to get results (eg Greek, Danish, Urdu, Japanese and other). Regarding to the age of your website , we can work with any pages , regardless of age , with the mention that in some cases , after we take over your order and do the necessary checks , some adjustments or changes to the content of the website may be necessary to getting  the results promised . These changes can be made by us or if you do not wish to do so , they can be made by your webmaster at our suggestion.

First of all , we have a lot of experience . We have gone through all the stages , from the big mistakes of the beginning, to disappointment and bitterness . Finally  , we did it , but it was not easy or cheap .  Then all the activities carried out over time have brought us the material and technical basis to be able to succeed . We use a huge network of websites , forums , web platforms, social networking accounts , social networking pages , discussion groups , and other platforms created over the past ten years in which we work in this area so we can now use all of these facilities to achieve fantastic results in our work . We also want to tell you that we do not use any automation or dedicated software in our work . All activities are done manually, so there is no risk of being penalized by Google . We do not use tricks or lies . We even work hard for money that represents the cost of services .

Yes . 100% safe and 100% honest. We do not use software or other dishonest methods . Everything we do is 100% manual work, done by our team, with patience and as a strategy very well planned . We do not use dishonest methods because in the past we tried to use them and we only brought damage . Everything we do is the result of experience gained in over 10 years, perseverance and desire to get what we really want.

Yes, we can . We do only high quality services with great results.
It is very easy to verify the truth of what we have affirmed.
Check the score of our page in online search engines, check our page rank, check our domain’s authority and then you will know that we are telling you the truth . Compare our results with the competition and then you will know who is actually doing what it promises. Keep in mind, however, that our website (  is only active since October 2017 ( before this time we worked with  another company  but we decided to set up our own company ) and many of the optimizations made bring real effects only after about 120 days. We do not want to provide our competitors for free , our secret skills, after many years of hard work and a lot of money spent . For us the best thing is to speak results gained .

After buying one of our packages , in the first stage or collect all necesary data about your business : position and PageRank in Google, keywords provided if you have a website that you want to grow . Number of views on YouTube and other networks, if you want to promote a video or a movie.
Number of Followers and fans in social networks. All these data will send to you via email prior to the start of our services . After first month from starting the campaign, we will communicate a partial report of our work and results gained . To the end campaign we delivery a full report of our work and results gained . If the promise of the service package you bought is not reached, then we will return all the money back without a further question . But we know that this will not happen because we only promise what we can really do . A guarantee that the results will amaze you and make you proud that you are our clients.

  • Web link from your online business , if you own a website, a blog , eBay , Amazon , Alibaba , Etsy , Aliexpress or other  online store .
  •  If you own a web link of videos posted on YouTube or other video platforms
  • Links to your accounts or pages in the main social networks (facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest, tumblr, linkedin)
  • Long Tail Targeted Keywords that would increase for search engine rankings
  • Short description of your business or activity (minimum 120 words – 250 words maximum)
  • Photos or pictures you want to promote  (up to 20 pictures maximum of 2 MB per image)
  • Your geo targeted area ( city , region , country or worldwide )
  • Your targeted customers ( women , men , young , old , driver , doctor …or any criteria )
  • Any special requirement from your side , please specify Express
  • All these details will be uploaded after buying our services in checkout forms .

You will get hundreds of  major benefits for your business :
Increase your website domain authorithy .
Increase your website page authorithy .
Increase your website rank position in .
Increase your website rank position in .
Increase your website value .
Increase your business value and notoriety .
Boost your organic visitors and keep results for long time .
Boost your business customers  number .
Boost your sales . You Will Get Huge Sales Guarantee .
Boost your profit . Your profit will be amazingly high .
Boost your loyal customers number .
Boost your subscribers for business that have this target .
Boost your fans and followers in all social networks.
Boost your brand awareness .
More other amazing benefits ….Your dreams come true .

Yes , of course we can . You just need to specify on the checkout order form the geographic area , zone , city, region, national or worldwide , age or sex of the targeted  public  want to address with your business , or any other criteria for your needs (  e.g ; fishermen, programmers, chefs, pet owners, or any other detail you think is important ) .

Long tail keywords are of the following type :
– criminal lawyer in London
– the best hamburg pizza
– passenger transport services italia
– we deliver processors anywhere in the world
– free trial for loyal customers
Or any other forms considered to be representative for your business.

Because next to financial gains , like any other business , we need global awareness  . We want to become global leaders and for this we need as many customers as possible to work for . If we ask for the real value of the services , there are few companies that could allow us to become our customers , so we prefer to compensate for the low value of the profit through the larger number of clients. That does not mean that we will rebate on the quality of services .

No, unfortunately we can not offer free samples . Our services are amazing , they bring very good results from the beginning and if we offer free samples, we will be bombarded with sample requests . We do all the services manually, after a certain strategy, we are a small numerical team and if we deliver samples of free services, we could not take seriously the orders of our clients . We have salary expenses, equipment, utilities to be paid and yet we can not afford to work for free.

No . Unfortunately , regardless of the volume of orders , we can not offer discounts because of the low price we offer these services , we barely cover our salaries and expenses so we can not offer discounts . If we raise prices , we will reduce the number of those who can afford it to call our services and we do not want that . We want everyone to have the chance to grow their business . With their growth , also we grow and we want to become the world leader in this segment.

No. We can not afford this, because at these prices not actually win anything, so we could not survive . This offer is strictly limited for period campaign .We offered that price in this campaign because we are aware by quality of services provided by us and we are sure that all those who use our services will stand for ever our customers regardless of future costs.

It will cost more , but anyway we will be the cheapest and the best in the world .

Yes. Unfortunately we assume rejected orders  for certain categories of potential customers .

Those who want to promote illegal activities or our competitors, who will be tempted to buy our services to see our methods for steal our secrets . We not overestimated our skills, but we are the best in this area and we have the lowest prices .

No. Guaranteed. Never will be a better offer than this our offer . Why do you think there is a better offer ? Because the cheapest simple SEO specialist working for a minimum of 30 dollars per hour . So for this amount can not you pay an SEO specialist or even an entire month . You believe that in a month you can not do miracles in this area , even with budgets of millions by dollars . So you will be forced to hire a SEO specialist for a longer period in full- time . We guarantee that no other SEO specialist will not be able to get our great results .

Absolutely everyone. At this price promotional campaign offered by us is the best deal that you did in your life . Why say that ? Because the smallest business bring income of over $ 5,000 per month, otherwise it would not be a good business . We guarantee increase by at least 30 percent of your income.
To an increase of at least 30 percent of your income, yield an extra 18.000 dollars annually . But growth will continue in the years ahead because we do quality service with reliable results and tested . Note: this increase of 30 percent annually is not valid in the case of companies with sales of billions of dollars that have reached the maximum degree of saturation. In their case there will be significant increases in sales, but do not guarantee a higher growth of 3 percent . It is true that the market is growing, but still there are limits set by needs, purchasing power and many other factors.

For business and adult business packages , the maximum results will be visible after about 90-120  days from the start of the campaign . In the Premium package where your target is reaching your website in the top 3 of the Google page, the maximum effects are obtained after about  180-220 days . The results delivered  in these services packs may appear faster than the promised term , there are many factors that do not relate to our competencies (page age, campaign strengths of your direct competitors, changing search engine algorithms , and others factors) . However , we can guarantee that the promised results will appear and will produce maximum satisfaction for you.

There are many factors that depend on the results gained and which do not depend on us . For example , indexing backlinks can take up to 60 days or more . Some backlinks are indexed in a few days , others take a long time to be indexed by search engines . Posts from forums and social  networks depend on user behaviors , some of users  log on daily , others log on weekly, others may log on once every two months , and many other issues . Also , creating too many short-term backlinks or posts in forums or social networks can be seen as spam by Google and the website may be penalized , so a good strategy is needed to get best  safe results  and advanced knowledge in the field . Since getting maximum results and secure long-term lasts for a period of over 3 months of daily and constant work . Results can be seen after about 7-10 days by the start of the campaign but the maximum is reached  over  60-95 days . The process of indexing pages and links is time consuming and not all at the same time. Some activities have very fast results , others are more slowly , but all are necessary and in the long term they all bring immense benefits. Once the required level of optimization and promotion has been achieved , business indicators  will gradually increase to the maximum .